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Healthcare Services

Our philosophy of care is based on doing what’s right, and our services are tailored to address the unique needs of each individual. Our services include:

Rehabilitation Services

Our rehabilitation services are designed to rebuild strength, function and mobility and help patients return to an independent lifestyle whenever possible. Many of our patients return home following a brief rehabilitative stay at our center.

Specialized Programs

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care - People suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s require, specialized and individualized care to meet their unique needs. Our clinicians and rehab professionals offer the clinical training and expertise to provide a balanced approach to meet the social, psychological and medical needs of your loved one. In our supportive and therapeutic environment, we deliver the individualized care that enables your loved one to enjoy the greatest degree of independence and quality of life possible, even as his or her medical condition changes. Specialized programming and care approaches are designed to create personal successes for each resident, helping him or her to experience positive emotions. By developing individualized care strategies, we focus on their strengths and preserved abilities along with their personal preferences in order for them to enjoy a high quality of life.

Falls Management - Falls are among the top cause of accidents in people over the age of 65 and are a major cause of death and disability in this population. Our Falls Management Rehabilitation Program focuses on first understanding the cause of a patient’s fall – or risk for falls – through a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical, physical, cognitive and emotional condition as well as his/her environment. As a team, we then implement a comprehensive plan of care, which may include improving strength, mobility, balance, posture and positioning as well as suggesting environmental changes to prevent future falls.

The Medically Complex Patient - The medically complex patient may suffer from several diseases or conditions, including diminished respiratory function, neurological and cognitive disorders, cardiac disease, digestive conditions and infection. Our therapy team is trained to consider and manage all diagnoses and complications and develop a comprehensive treatment program tailored to each patient’s complex needs.

Cognition and Memory Management - Everyone is forgetful from time to time but when it becomes a problem, therapy plays a key role in memory management. Some memory changes, like forgetting where you left your keys or not immediately remembering where you parked your car, are normal and part of the aging process. However, forgetting how to get home may indicate a more serious medical issue that requires unique care. When these more serious memory lapses are recognized, it is time to talk to a doctor or other medical professional. Our rehabilitation professionals are able to help with memory management. As part of an interdisciplinary model, we build individualized care plans for each patient. We educate families and caregivers about cognitive rehabilitation, memory compensation techniques and follow-up care for their loved ones.

Orthopedic Rehab - Orthopedic rehabilitation plays a critical role for patients after joint replacement surgery in helping patients regain strength, ability and function. However, it is just as important for patients recovering from illness, surgery or a hospital stay or in the treatment of significant arthritis or acute orthopedic conditions such as low back pain, or hip or wrist fractures. Our expert and dedicated interdisciplinary rehab teams are educated and trained on the latest technology, surgical approaches, protocols and precautions and will develop, follow and modify a rehabilitation plan that is unique to each patient’s needs, goals and progress toward the goal of functional independence for a safe return home.

Pain Management - Our dedicated and expert therapists’ approach to pain management is interdisciplinary and collaborative, working closely with the nursing team, physicians and dietary as well as with the patient and family to ensure the best clinical outcomes. Our individualized pain management program is based on thorough assessment results of each unique patient. The goal is to balance pain relief interventions with adequate response to provide continuous comfort while maintaining as much functional ability as possible with limited side effects. We take into account the patient’s individual cultural and behavioral beliefs and preferences. Cognitive and behavioral interventions, such as relaxation, guided imagery, music, pet therapy, heat, cold, massage, positioning and distraction are used by our therapists to supplement, but not replace, pharmacological interventions.

Pulmonary Rehab - Most people give little thought to breathing – it just happens. People with breathing difficulties think about little else. Our rehabilitation team focuses on helping patients understand and manage their illness. To initiate this program, patients are referred by their physician or pulmonologist for specialized physical and occupational therapy and speech language pathology. Our clinicians design a treatment program to meet each patient’s individual needs. We guide patients through conditioning exercises to increase physical capacity and build functional independence in all areas of mobility, daily living and communication.